Ways to Pay

Did you know that you are able to grab as many classes, sessions, services etc. as you like, LEARN NOW and PAY LATER?

That's right!

You can use three different payment installment providers on my website!

Let me break them down for you:

First option, add at least $50 to your cart and choose SHOP PAY when you checkout. 

Second Option, download the Zip (formerly Quad Pay) app to your mobile device. Once you do that, you can open the app and enter ikaneishaj.com in the search bar and shop as you normally do. When you are done, click on the PAY WITH ZIP at the bottom of your screen and go from there! NO minimum purchase required!

The last option, you are going to do the EXACT same thing as explained with Zip but with the app called KLARNA! Again, add the ikaneishaj.com to the search bar, shop normally and pay with Klarna. No minimum purchase required!

Now, you have NO excuse!