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Ikaneisha J

Email Marketing for Growth

Email Marketing for Growth

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Email Marketing is a GREAT tool for your business no matter the niche. It is where the money resides quite frankly, not on social media! I average $1500-$2000 on a BAD month (meaning I am inconsistent) of emailing my subscribers. I already have a class all around email marketing but it is for beginners. I HIGHLY recommend watching that one FIRST and then coming back to this one! You need to learn the foundation and crawl before growing and walking and eventually running! Grab the beginners class HERE if you need it!

In this class, you will look at email marketing from a BOSS point of view and learn more about it in depth! If you have NOT setup your email list with a host such as Mailchimp, Klaviyo or sent out emails to even compare in the class, you NEED to watch the beginners one FIRST! This class does not assist in basics such as setup.

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