My Recommendations

As a business owner, social media manager, Instagram Strategist and everything else I do, I come across some great tools for business! This page will outline what I recommend for certain aspects for business improvement, scaling or just making things easier! Be sure to visit this page once a month for updates.

Accounting is one of the top things that new business owners do not keep up with or think that it is too hard! I totally recommend Quickbooks and you can get a 55% discount for your first THREE MONTH through me by clicking HERE

Have you ever wanted to design your own t-shirts? Not only do I have a perfection recommendation for you but you don't even have to store the merchandise! They will store and ship it to your customer for you which is called dropshipping! Get a discount when you sign up through me HERE

Email marketing is one of the TOP tools you can use to make consistent income! I have TWO classes all about it actually. Be sure to grab the beginner version in the Beginner Boss tab and the Growth version under the Growing Boss tab! In the meantime, you can grab $30 in credits by using my link to sign up with my favorite email host HERE

Now, not only is email marketing important but Text Marketing has been climbing in popularity for quite some time now! I have been using Slicktext since March of 2020 and I love it! You can sign up through my link HERE and grab a 15% off discount!

So many people want to use vendors that offer unique merchandise. Many of us use vendors from Fashiongo which makes most of us sell the same things! I have made connections with vendors/manufacturers over the years and guess what, majority of them are overseas and NOT in China! Check out my overseas vendor list HERE

An important part of branding are your polymailers and/or boxes! Get your own branded polymailers from the same place I purchase mine HERE

One of the most unprofessional things you can do is NOT have a professional branded email. Not only is that unprofessional and look amateurish but your messages can get sent to the dreaded SPAM folder or be seen as spam! Get your own professional email from the same place I have been using since 2017 HERE

Do you need branded masks, business cards or more to be printed? Checkout Vistaprint and order your own masks or other business needs HERE

One of my favorite ways to increase my sales is by using my rewards program! I have been using this same one since I started! Click the link below to sign up and be sure to use code: 19c1bd96-2cad-4e2b-8294-5337d416eccd
Click HERE to add rewards to your site now!

I create all of my graphics for my websites, classes, emails and social media and more all on one website! Get Canva Pro and create your own graphics, business cards, thank you cards, tshirts and more HERE

Be sure to shop my boutique and use code YTSUB15 for 15% off all the time!
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