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Ikaneisha J

Branding & Pricing Bundle

Branding & Pricing Bundle

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Are you a boutique owner in the beginner stages? Are you someone who is thinking about starting a boutique but don't know what to do around branding, vendors or pricing? Here is the bundle for you! Be sure to visit my YouTube channel to view the video around vendors that are GREAT for beginner's on a budget!

If you aren't a beginner but you know that you need to learn more around the aforementioned, go ahead and grab this bundle. I am sure you will see an increase in your sales once you begin putting these tips to use!

Included in this bundle is a guide around how to find the right vendors for your boutique and how to price your items. You will also receive a copy of my popular e-book called Creating Your Brand Identity! In this book you will learn the INs and OUTs of branding!

In order to receive this bundle, be sure to CREATE AN ACCOUNT AT CHECKOUT! If you do not do so, you will not receive the correct emails!
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