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Instagram Growth Intensive

Instagram Growth Intensive

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Instagram is the #1 place people go nowadays for shopping which has skyrocketed during the pandemic! So, as a boutique owner, being a pro in Instagram Marketing is crucial. However, Instagram is consistently updating, adding, removing and just changing overall so I know this can cause overwhelm and frustration! I receive tons of messages DAILY about this so I want to alleviate your problem! Introducing my 5 Day Instagram Intensive! This Instagram Intensive is for the boutique owners who:

-Are ready to invest time, energy and money into their Instagram.⁠
-Have a website that is 100% launched and optimized⁠
-Are not looking for a quick way to just gain followers⁠
-Are quick learners and do not need their hand held because this will be QUICKLY taught⁠
-Have a business mindset which means they can take constructive criticism and do not take things personal⁠

Do you fit that description? If so, join now and you will learn how to build an optimized page, building a tribe, growth tricks, what EXACTLY IS the algorithm and so much more!⁠

Due to time constraints, this intensive is no longer live with me on Facebook. After purchasing, you will receive the 5 videos to watch at your own pace, you will complete the homework that is assigned in each video and you can contact me at anytime on Instagram if you need ANYTHING at all, just let me know that you purchased this intensive and you have questions or need guidance!

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