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Ikaneisha J

Shopify Website Setup

Shopify Website Setup

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Are you not tech savvy? Do you get lost when it comes to creating graphics, adding products to your Shopify site etc? I am here to help you!

I can setup your website, add up to 15 products (you need to provide some information about the products), create your legal pages so that you are compliant, create your homepage graphics and so much more!

Not only that, I will setup a time so that I can SHOW YOU how to use your site and edit it whenever you need! There are some things that I require in order to fulfill this great service for you:

1. Your logo (transparent version and regular, if you do not have a transparent version, I can create one)

2. Brand colors with hex codes (if you do not know these codes, I can find them)

3. Your motto/slogan

4. Information for your About Us page

5. Discounts/promos for your launch that you plan on running with expiration dates

6. CLEAR product photos and one photo of you the owner

7. Info for your Return Policy and Shipping Policy

8. 30 Days (price increases for less time)

9. I require clients that do not contact me on a daily basis checking on the website progress. I will contact you when I need something and to update you. Please understand that I have 2 children and 3 businesses so I work on my own time at my own pace.

10. Do NOT login to the account to change anything or update anything. This can cause issues with what I am creating.

Once you book this service, it is NONREFUNDABLE and your launch date (or date that you need the site completed) can NOT change. I reserve the right to cease our working relationship if it becomes complicated. Discount codes CANNOT be used on this service. If a code does go through, you will be invoiced for the discounted amount. Service will not begin until invoice is fulfilled.

After purchasing, you will receive a separate email from me so that we can get started! Choose your time frame and let's work together!

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