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Ikaneisha J

How I Found My Happy

How I Found My Happy

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Here is my VERY first e-book! As an entrepreneur, it is important to have a certain mindset! Check out my journey after being unemployed, homeless and still able to FIND MY HAPPY! 
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Ego says, "Once everything falls into place, I will find peace." 
Spirit says, "Find peace and everything will fall into place."

That quote speaks volumes in my life. For years, I always knew that I was not truly Happy and I knew that I would eventually become Happy once I reached point A B C or when I began making X amount of money. I knew that I would be Happy once I got married, had a child, received that apology etc. 
My Happy never came. 
So, are you Happy? 
No, are you truly Happy? 
Have you ever thought that you were Happy only to find true happiness and come to the conclusion that you were not as Happy as you thought you were? 
What exactly is happiness?


The dictionary defines Happy as "feeling or showing pleasure or contentment," "having a sense of confidence in or satisfaction with." Do you have a sense of confidence with your life? Are you satisfied with your life or do you share that past belief of mine that you will be Happy once X Y Z happens?
Now, you may be asking yourself, "Who is she? Why should I listen to her in order to be Happy?" Glad you asked! I am just a regular woman just like you who was determined to find her Happy after reaching rock bottom. Actually, scratch that, I am definitely not regular. The experiences that I have been through during my thirty years on this earth would intimidate most people. I am a survivor of sexual trauma from a total of five people. I have survived suicide attempts, been fired, been unemployed, been lost and depressed, suffered from anxiety, suffered the loss of my angelic grandmother and most recently lost everything in a housefire while unemployed. All of that is a whole nother book for another day so stay tuned!



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