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Ikaneisha J

Influencers & Page Promos

Influencers & Page Promos

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Sometimes, you don't want to rely on social media algorithms and their ads. Sometimes, your email list may be dry or not growing quick enough! So, what can you do? You can use an influencer or get promo done on a flourishing Instagram page!

However, you do have to be careful! There are some scammers out there with no shame! I did all the work for you! This list features influencers that I know personally, pages that offer promos and a few reality stars that offer free promo as well!

I couldn't just give you a list and no advice so included is a few pointers that you need to know when it comes to influencer marketing and page ads! Be sure to lookout for an email after purchasing to download your list!

I also recommend my brand ambassadors/influencer class HERE

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