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Ikaneisha J

Reels Rehab Live Challenge

Reels Rehab Live Challenge

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Reels have TAKEN over Instagram! If you are like me, you dislike it. If you wanted to be on Tik Tok then you would use Tik Tok and not Instagram. However, Instagram's Big Man, Adam Mosseri stated a few months ago that Instagram is now a video sharing app so whether we like it or not, Reels are not only here to stay but they are the main way to gain momentum on this once amazing app.

Now, I am an artist, a photographer. I love the art of photography and not so much videography. I can create videos easily and I know what to do and even how to get views. I would not call myself lazy, I just do not want to do it lol. I do not feel like shooting tons of videos whether batching or multiple days, editing and adding sounds and post.

I had to slap myself and get real. I cannot teach y'all and not walk the walk! I have to get it together and do what is needed to grow on this app especially when I know how and can teach others as well! That is where the idea for this rehab came from!

During this THREE week rehab challenge, we are going to create productivity, plans, crush procrastination, reels design, reels editing, create content calendars, learn what Instagram wants from us in terms of reels and so much more! You will be in a group of others who are willing to accept the duty of holding you accountable while you hold them accountable. We are going to create a community for THREE weeks and help one another!

This is not going to be easy and will require an investment of your time, commitment, money and energy but it will all be worth it!

If you are ready to grow and create productivity, grow your mindset along with your Instagram then go ahead and join this challenge!

Challenge Dates: Sept 18 - Oct 15th

Once you pay your investment, you will receive an email with the link to the FB Group that part of the challenge will take place!

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